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Friday, July 29, 2005


Today we got internet and cable t.v. for our little house. The dining room table is now our office as well. We are headed out to shop again (always an adventure). It's amazing how little you can fit into eight suitcases (really only seven if you count the one that didn't arrive), and how much you need to run a house. Tupperwear, tinfoil and a colander are big on our list today.

Tomorrow we take our first trip to the beach. After a stressful week of meetings, language barriers and big rain storms, we look forward to a day of lounging in a beach cabana. Maggie can't wait for her beach-side hammock. Will just wants out of the school compound (complejo).

The highlight of the week for James and Susan was discovering the faculty lunch room. We're not exactly sure what we're eating, but it is hot, cheap ($1.50) and home cooked.

Off to fight the afternoon traffic. Salvadorans drivers make NASCAR drivers look tame.


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