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Monday, June 25, 2007

Just three of us

Ok, Ok. I was sad knowing that Will was going home to SC for the summer. Once he left, I was super sad, even though he is in heaven visiting all his friends. Still, that's no excuse to quit blogging, I know. I'll add some nice photos to show that we do, indeed, still live in San Salvador. The three Dunlaps who are still here are in summer school. Maggie is taking Latin American History (and loving it) so that she can skip ahead in history next year. Here she is at prom (James and I have to chaperone - we didn't crash the party). The tall young man on the right is her date. His mother is from North Carolina and his father is from El Salvador - so he and Mags have been good friends. They both understand the power of the Krispy Kreme doughnut.

I am teaching SAT prep, and James is teaching World History. The difference is that my students are there by choice, and his are there to try and pass the course. But no one REALLY wants to be in summer school, I am sure.

Maggie's big news is that she scored her first goal in a handball game today. She has school everyday till 3:00 and then handball in the afternoons - I'm not sure if she is going to have much of a summer. James is painting everything in sight, including a giant world map on the back wall of his classroom. I finished my fourth class for my master's in International Education (or something like that). Only five more classes to go!

I have still not adjusted to this lifestyle. Many of our dearest friends for the past two years have moved back to the States. The transient nature of this little community is almost impossible for me to accept, even though I know I will make new friends when school starts up again. We ended up buying furniture from everyone before they left. The house looks happy and full, while I'm still sad. Speaking of a full house, we hosted an ice cream party for the senior class before graduation. We had at least 100 people in the house at once - a new record. The kids even stayed and helped clean up. We will miss the class of 2007 -they were very special to us.

The sun is out most days. It's the rainy season and it's not that hot. I think a trip to the beach is in order to cheer up the remaining Dunlaps. James is still loving soccer. I think a trip to the soccer stadium might be in order for him. Here he is on graduation day with two of his favorite soccer coaches.
My fun Salvadoran fact of the day - the driver's licenses here do not list weight. They do list skin color, though. I find that fascinating. Come see us! Susan


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Susan, Will and Caleb are having a blast. Caleb has adopted your mother as his Nanna also. Thanks for sharing!


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