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Friday, July 29, 2005

Maggie's photos

We have no idea what this flower is, but the gardens around the houses are full of all kinds of blooms.
Maggie poses in front of more neighborhood flora.

Will looks pretty comfortable pool side. Large coconut trees are on the other side of the pool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susan, it sounds like ya'll really made a good decision! We really miss Will coming over and Caleb is having to make adjustments but he is surviving. He has tried to email several times but it just keeps coming back. He would be so excited if he got an email from Will. capcomfreak@earthlink.com
Now that we found the blog we can see more of what's going on there!
It is still VERY hot here!!
Teresa Burton

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James, Susan, Maggie, and Will-

What is your telephone number? We just returned from Labor Day weekend visiting Amy's brother in Hunstville. Natalie and Will begin Week 2 at CCES. Nat loves her teachers and Will actually enjoys it so far, although he still says he wishes he were back at Montessori.

Hope all is well with you guys.

Our love,

Martial and family

6:24 PM  

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