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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The First Week of August

Vivian wrote this entry about her favorite part of the summer. I have known Vivian for years through her drama preformances. I think the first time I saw her on stage, she was in 8th grade. Now I have the pleasure of seeing her almost every day. In the photo, Vivian is the second from the right.

Lago de Coatepeque is a small lake that is about 45 minutes away from the capital city of San Salvador. The lake is located in the department of Santa Ana. This is a volcanic lake, which means that it formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. It is very, vrey deep! 20,000 people live at the lake, plus about 5,000 tourists who come monthly. Many local Salvadorians also own lake houses that they use during the weekends and vacations.

I think “Semana de agosto” at the lake could be one of the best weeks of summer. It is the first week of August, and everyone with a lake house will go. If you don’t have a house, you’ll find a friend to go with. Summer is about resting and recovering, but that does not include this week. I’m not sure about the older more adult generation, but we teenagers don’t sleep at all. Everyone is in a happy and cheerful mood, but at night there is also a good deal of drama and gossip to retell later.

During the day we visit all our friends' houses; we also spend a lot of time making new friends. We go on the wave runner and on the boats. If there is a breeze, people also go wind surfing. We go tubing on the lake and try to get a sun tan. We all eat together at different friends’ houses. We have a blast. Each night there is a party at a different house. Everyone goes. There is lots of gossiping, music blasting, and plenty of flirting. This week is full of excitement, but it also symbolizes that the end of summer is near. This is about all I can say about “semana de agosto.” I can’t wait for it to come again!


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