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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fruits of El Salvador

We are trying to learn about the fruits around the complejo. We missed mango season. The coconuts are falling around the pool now, but they're not like the coconuts we're used to seeing. There is an orange tree by the pool as well, but it is pretty much first come first served on getting the ripe ones. So I broke down and bought a bag at the grocery store yesterday - 5 pounds for $.79!

One of my goals is to eat locally and spend less for food. You can buy American products here; they just cost so much. For example, we promised to bring the teachers by the pool a bag of Doritos on Friday. Will grabbed a bag in the grocery store. It wasn't till someone complimented us on our true American Doritos that I wondered how much we had spent - a mere $5.00. So we're trying local brands now.

I am especially proud of the lime-aid I made from limes in our little back yard. You can also see the banana tree out back as well. The bananas are about 15 feet in the air. They are still green - so we think we have some more time to figure out how to pick them. They will be great on the crazy bulk cereal I bought - three 5 pound bags of it! Couldn't help it - it was so cheap - $2.50 a bag. U.S. cereal was $10 for a double box.

Maggie just saw a orange (more like bronze) hummingbird. They seem to like the lime tree as much as we do.


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