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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The good and the bad

Turns out I thrive on routine. Speakers from a program called FCD (Freedom from Chemical Dependancy) are visiting campus this week, and they have been meeting with 11th graders during my English classes. I’m supposed to take attendance and then find a place to wait until the start of the next class. I’m sure my co-workers have been jealous of my schedule, but I am dying to get back in the classroom! I feel like someone figured out what I loved to do and then took it away from me. So... one more day of punishment and then I can teach again.

I managed to get our internet cut off this week. It’s the only bill I pay each month. Electricity, water, phone, car insurance - everything else is either paid by the school or automatically deducted from our paychecks. Our one bill is hand-delivered, and then I pay it through internet-banking. This odd arrangement is a good thing, because I have yet to see a post office, a mailman, or even a Salvadoran stamp. I’m sure they all exist - some how, somewhere in this country. The problem wasn’t with paying the internet bill, it was with reading the due date. I’m still getting used to seeing the date first, then the month. So the bill was due on 2/1/06, which I read as February 1 instead of January 2. Live and learn - and rejoice that we are back up and running again.

Our school family was shaken with some tough news last week. The ten-year old son of two of the school’s teachers was diagnosed with bone cancer. I know that some people wonder about the level of medical care in El Salvador, but I thought it was impressive that his doctors were able to make this diagnosis. This boy is a tremendous athlete and a fierce competitor. If anyone can beat a disease, he can. But the school and complejo are a little bit quieter now, and we’re all anxious to hear some good news from the States (the family flew home on Monday). Lots of prayers went with them.

The photo is from a complejo birthday party last weekend. We have all adopted the Salvadoran tradition of celebrating every occasion to the fullest. (Maggie’s way in the back on the right.) Hope you do the same!


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