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Sunday, October 02, 2005

I'm driving!

The title of this blog should be "I'm driving, and it's still raining." The dry season should start at the end of this month. I think I've seen more rain in August and September than an entire year's worth of precipitation at home. We had a REAL downpour last week. Just a whole lot of rain (maybe six inches) in less than an hour. It ended up flooding some of the low-lying classrooms on campus, so we had a teacher work day on Tuesday for everything to dry out.

The storm came right at the time school was letting out, so everyone had to stay late. It also happened to be Will's birthday. Luckily, we had scheduled his party for Friday. But, of course, it rained then, too. We scrapped the pool party and had everyone over to the house instead. Almost everyone from the complejo dropped by, along with some other dear friends from school. I'm sure we set a record for the number of people ever in this house at one time.

Will was also honored in assembly on Friday for being the most respectful boy in his homeroom (they honored a boy and girl from each class). The rumor around the Lower School was that Will's father must be a Marine, because Will says "yes, m'am" and "yes, sir." We're very proud of him!

The big news for me, outside of the fact that I've completed two Spanish lessons, is that I'm driving. It doesn't seem like a big deal, I know. But in a city of two million people, when it seems like they are all out there on the streets at once, driving is an adventure. I've really enjoyed it so far. I've yet to drive alone - that will be my next major accomplishment.

Maggie's big news is that she has been chosen to go on exchange with the EA Middle School. They'll be headed to Knoxville on October 20 for nine days at The Webb School. Then those students will visit here in February. I know it seems pretty silly for Mags to go on exchange to Tennessee, but she is very excited. And the group meets every day at lunch to plan their trip, with all conversation taking place in Spanish. She's picking up the language quicker than any other Dunlap!

Don't know if anyone saw El Salvador in the international news, but we did have a volcano erupt yesterday. With all the rain, we couldn't see the eruption from here. It was about 40 miles from where we live. But please keep the country in your prayers.

That's all for now!


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Blogger Kenny said...

Hey Susan! I was at the Species xmas drop-n and Linda B. said you guys had a blog.. Lo-and behold I put in "Dunlap's in San Salvador" on Yahoo, and found it!! Do you miss "Sparkle City"? Your renters seem very nice... Heard you guys may come to town around the 19th,IT"S COLD!
Take care,

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