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Monday, August 15, 2005


I started off my first Monday morning as a school teacher with a pop quiz - now I know what's fun about being a teacher! Maybe half my class actually read the first three chapters of The Scarlet Letter (I know, what a way to ruin a weekend!). We'll see if and when they decide that I'm serious about American Literature.

Vicky Strange and my mother pulled off a minor miracle this morning. The Salvadoran government would not accept my wallet sized birth certificate. Amazingly, Mom was able to find the original from the Cherokee County Hospital and have Vicky fax it to EA this morning. So it looks like my work visa will be processed. James has not been so lucky - so I've ordered a Fed Exed version of his birth certificate ($50 later). Hopefully it will get to Mom this week and then she can fax it down. I tried to order my own from this website as well, but failed the security quiz to see if I was really Susan Dunlap. I passed the James Dunlap quiz instead!

Speaking of paperwork, James is filling out more lost luggage documentation for Delta. We've pretty much replaced everything he lost, but it sure would be nice to get some money back.

We've decided to spend some money on the apartment. We've purchased the necessities (microwave, towels, ironing board, dishes) - all the boring stuff. But we are now realizing how much we are affected by our surroundings, and these white walls and plain furniture are depressing. The project to paint used furniture has stalled - we've got to make it a priority. And as tomorrow is my birthday, I've asked for a woven hammock for the back porch. That should add some much needed color to the house.

James and I have volunteered to help with a national test for Salvadoran teachers. About 2 to 3 thousand of them are being tested in their ability to speak English. The test will be held on campus for the next 6 weekends. We go for training tomorrow. This should be interesting. Parking alone will be something to see. We'll make sure we don't try to leave or get back home during the testing.

Lots more to tell you all but I've got to go work on my lesson plans. Next entry I'll tell you about Salvadoran ants! Susan

P.S. Mila's pupusas were pure Salvadoran comfort food - out of this world!


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