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Saturday, August 06, 2005


We have treated ourselves to cable television. There are 70+ channels, with less than 10 in English (and one in Chinese). Most of those have Spanish subtitles, so we try to read and learn something while we watch. Will asked this morning when we were getting cable television with English cartoons. The answer is never. All cartoons are in Spanish. We watched Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids in Spanish this morning. They say "hey, hey, hey" a lot faster.

The two all English channels are HGTV and the Food Network. The Food Network is not helping our cooking much, though. We changed from omelets to scrambled eggs yesterday. We've got to branch out at some point. Mila starts cooking for us on Monday, which means we have to go back to the grocery store. Everyone stares at us, but it's not in a mean way. We definitely don't blend in.

HGTV is entertaining. It inspires us to decorate this little apartment. We scrounged a chair out of the school storage and we're going to try to paint it today. We bought paintbrushes and one sheet of sandpaper (you can buy one sheet of sandpaper here.) If it looks nice we'll put a picture of it on the blog. Maybe HGTV should come to El Salvador. We'll keep you posted on our decorating efforts.


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