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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Dad's Clothes

Our flight to El Salvador was quite unusual. My back went out on Wednesday prior to our Saturday flight. (I guess the highlight was being wheeled throught the Atlanta airport in a wheelchair!) My packing was last minute and I stuffed a suitcase full of my clothing, shoes, and a shaving kit with medications. THAT, of course, was the suitcase that didn't make it to San Salvador. I have since replaced the medications. This includes taking Will to a local doctor. Try that with almost no Spanish. Everyone -- doctor, staff, pharmacists -- have all been very helpful. My brother-in-law, Dick Willis, has replaced many of my clothes. He Fed-Exed the clothes to a teacher in Tennesse who brought them in his carry-on luggage. Now I am ready! The top photo shows me in a new Ralph Lauren shirt and a great hand-me-down Brooks Brothers tie. The next shot shows me in a new knit shirt I bought at the local upscale Multiplaza Mall. A perfectly good, solid color shirt. Upon examination at home I found the lovely racing stripe on the collar. Obviously intended for the Latin American market. Thanks again, Uncle Dick!


Blogger Celia Cooksey said...


We're missing you terribly, but--since you're gone--we'll enjoy your blogging immensely!

Surely this should be required reading for the new 7th/8th grade Technology classes. Actually...

Take care, be well, & keep us blogged,

5:13 PM  

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