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Monday, February 20, 2006

New photos

I am procrastinating in a big way right now. I'm supposed to be writing a lecture to give tomorrow... which means I just have to update the blog!I wanted to share some photos from a wonderful outing we took on Sunday. Our friends Edgar and Kelly took us to the other side of the volcano. We went hiking around their finca, and then had lunch at a restaurant where we could see Honduras and Guatemala. So here are the new pictures... The last photo is entitled "Don't blame me - Edgar let Will hold the machete."

Sorry the photos are so dark. It was really hot and dusty (I'm looking forward to the rainy season!), so we stayed in the shade as much as possible. If you look over Edgar's shoulder, that should be Guatemala in the distance. Will and I are sitting next to a grove of lemon trees they had just planted, but once again we have found the shade. This finca was full of amazing trees, including banana, mango and orange. It was originally a coffee plantation, so we saw lots of coffee plants as well. Kelly sent us home with a beautiful basket of fresh herbs from their garden. A wonderful day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog - I am from Maryland and my family and I are in the process of relocating to San Salvador. My children and husband have been there for a year, I continue to travel back and forth! I know a number of people at EA - perhaps someday we will meet! Enjoy El Salvador it is a unique experience!



10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys! We're doing a blog on goupstate about the neighborhood...check it out!


Hope you guys are well!!!
:-) Tammy

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Susan I guess I feel it is my job to remind you to do a new post. Today is March 10

Teresa Burton

11:26 AM  

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