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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Too much to say

My writer's block usually comes from having so little to tell. The adventures of living in a foreign country are over-shadowed by our daily routine - work, children, friends, groceries. The rhythms of life here are not that different from those back home.

But today I face a new challenge. We have done too much to write about. In the last two weeks, we've had our first visitors from the States, our first Semana Santa, and for me, my very first massage. We've climbed mountains, been to the beach, celebrated Maggie's 14th birthday and added two new country stamps to our passports. Where to begin? And, of course, I am avoiding the papers I must grade before school starts on Tuesday - my usual inspiration for blog-writing.

I've included photos from Copan because the trip was incredible. It was three years ago that I hosted a lecture by Fraser Pajak, a local college professor, in my Spartanburg, SC den. He showed slides of his visits to Mayan ruins. I studied the photographs, amazed at what he had seen. But even in the back of my mind I never said "some day I'll go there as well." To walk ancient streets and climb Mayan steps was indescribable for me. Will, on the other hand, threw himself into the experience. We had a saint for a tour guide who answered all his questions and complimented his enthusiasm.

I can't begin to thank all our friends for their generosity in the last few weeks: hosting our visitors from the states, making room on the van for us on the trip to Honduras, showering Mags with love and attention on her birthday... not to mention the Riehles and the Roberts actually packing their bags and traveling to El Salvador to visit us. On this beautiful Easter Sunday morning, I know we are blessed. (Note to my mother - I have no idea what I'm cooking for lunch. I wish I could say it was lamb and roast potatoes, but I couldn't come close to your Easter lunch. And we went to the Easter vigil last night instead of church this morning. It was the 10th anniversary of Will's baptism. You would have been so proud of your granddaughter. She understood pasts of the Gospel and the Sermon - all in Spanish!).

Felix Pascual to everyone. Easter egg hunt in the complejo today at 4:00! I have no idea what this flower is, but it's blooming in our little courtyard. Thought it looked like Easter. Susan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I found your blog while searching for the EA website. I graduated from the EA in 1987. I've been in Oklahoma since 1988. I go to El Salvador at least once a year to visit my parents. There are no words to express the fun I had reading your stories. As a born Salvadorian and as a US citizen, I understood everything you wrote about. It's nice to see pictures of all over El Salvador includind the Complejo. My brother became friends with many American teachers after he went back to El Salvador after graduating from Oklahoma State University. He took me along to several parties at the Complejo and I kept on picturing our friend Bonnie's (a Canadian teacher in the early 90's)apartment when you talk about yours. I am very glad that your family is making the best of El Salvador. It sounds like Maggie is fluent in Spanish by now. I have two boys, 7 and 4, but they won't speak Spanish. My husband is a handsome Okie. If you ever venture to Metro Centro (Shopping Center), my parents have one of their clothing stores there, named Molina Civallero. They enjoy American customers. El Salvador is blessed to have such a nice family there. By the way, the red flowers from your neighbor's garden in "Maggie's pictures" is called Izora. Lastly, I'm glad you ended up liking pupusas. I only eat cheese pupusas, there's no chance you will get me to eat chicharron... and I'm Salvadorian! God bless and keep enjoying beautiful El Salvador.

11:10 PM  
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