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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers' Day

How could another month have gone by for the Dunlaps in El Salvador? So many times I remind myself that I must write about this or that on the blog, and then I realize I can't remember the last time I wrote anything at all.

The rainy season is back and it is hot and humid. But still we survive sin (without) A.C. James and I continue our Spanish lessons with our dear friend, Sergio. We hope he will teach us again next year as well. I went shopping last week and found a charming sales lady who would speak in one word sentences. Vestido? Blanco? Violeta? Regalo? meaning "You'd like to buy a dress? Do you like the white one or the violet colored one? Is this a gift?" I understood her perfectly. It's when they start rattling off these long sentences that I literally understand nothing. Hopefully over the summer we can learn more Spanish instead of forgetting the little bit that we know now.

The Junior Senior Prom was last night. We went with Kathy Gordon, an Upper School math teacher. No one told me about the receiving line. I stood for an hour and kissed every student who walked in the door. My cheek and jaw were sore - there were hundreds of students at this event. And hairdressers in San Salvador made a fortune yesterday. Those girls all were dressed to the nines! We lasted until 11:00 p.m. - an accomplishment I was proud of.

Maggie was the social butterfly of the family this weekend. She missed her first quinsinera (big celebration for girls when they turn 15) to attend a Salvadoran wedding. Weddings are different here. Dinner is served at midnight. The whole party can go on till 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. At some point they hand out funny hats for all the guests to wear. Mags brought home a giant pig and giant duck hat. Supposedly Tony Saca, the President of El Salvador, was there. But out of 500 guests, Maggie never ran into him. Here's a picture of her before the driver picked her up to go.

She did manage to squeeze in two birthday parties on Saturday. We need to buy lots of fancy dresses for her this summer to get through next year's events. We are headed home on June 7, back here on July 24. Then we move across the street to yet again a bigger house (our last move in the complejo), and get ready for school to start again. It's exam preparation time at EA, so I need to get back to creating my final.

James promises to post a blog entry about an international cycling race that went right by our house. Between that and local soccer, he stays busy as a Salvadoran sports fan. Happy Mother's Day (although technically Mother's Day here was Wednesday, May 10... a holiday to rival Christmas). We'll keep working on our tans between rainstorms... Susan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just ran across your blog while researching information on El Salvador. Great stuff, looks like the family is settling right in with the community. Looking to visit for my first time in July 2006 on the East side (El Cuco).

I'm trying to get info regarding property rights for US citizens, safety, etc and anything else about the country would be greatly appreciated. My email is bruddahb@bellsouth.net,

Mahalo, Buddy

4:47 PM  

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