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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sleepy Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s cloudy. I’m taking a break from memorizing my student’s pictures in the EA yearbook. I want to hit the classroom tomorrow knowing all 95 names - I’d say I’m about 10 short at this point. I have lunch room duty this week, which means I have to eat in the student cafeteria. As unpleasant as the food can be, it will give me a chance to quiz myself on names. Knowing students in alphabetical order is one thing, knowing them on sight is another. I have six Carlos’s and five Adrianna’s this year; that might make it a little bit easier.

The internet and the cable are out right now, but I’m not sure why. It is so quiet in the house. We are anxiously awaiting James’s return from the States this afternoon. His best friend, Mike Johnson, died last Tuesday. James stayed for the first day of school, and then flew home to South Carolina on Thursday morning for Mike’s funeral. Because Mike was a former headmaster at the Spartanburg Day School, Dr. Skipper went back to Spartanburg with James. I wish I could have gone as well, but the expense of two plane tickets on short notice was more than we could afford. It is comforting to know that we’re not that far away, and if we need to get home quickly it looks like can.

I finally drove the Volvo while James was away. It's running great now, but it still fills up with ants every now and then. We still can't figure out why. Maggie and I went out after dark to buy her school supplies. I counted three missing manhole covers between here and the school supply store. This is definitely not a country where you can drive and talk on your cell phone. You really must concentrate. I confess that we did miss one turn yesterday coming back from the mall. But if you drive far enough, you’ll come to a traffic circle that will turn you around the other way. And you’re never truly lost if you can still see the volcano.

Our new home office overlooks a tiny garden that draws hummingbirds. I never knew that they made a clicking sound. It’s nice to watch them while I type. I really need to start on my lesson plans and go back to grading quizzes. I’m starting my Master’s degree in a few weeks, and James and I have to get back to our Spanish lessons. Time will go quickly this semester.

I’ve included a photograph of our dining room, primarily to show the painting that we bought at a local art gallery. Although it is a Salvadoran artist, the scene reminds us of low country South Carolina. The dining room walls are green now, but I’m afraid we’re off a bit on the shade. Our next holiday is September 15, Salvadoran Independence Day. I think we’ll be experimenting with paint colors then.

The van should be pulling up soon with James and a suitcase full of Walmart merchandise. Can’t wait to see both. Susan


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